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Chew The Lion's Head, Terrible Power Wide-Mouthed Hippo - Hippo vs Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Crocodile

Hippo vs Lion, Buffalo, Rhino, Zebra, Wildebeest, Crocodile, Wild Dogs, Hyena, Elephant
Hippo vs Buffalo
Hippo vs Rhino
Hippo vs Zebra
Hippo vs Wildebeest
Hippo vs Crocodile
Hippo vs Wild Dogs
Hippo vs Hyena
Hippo vs Elephant
TIsaacs : You thought the lion was the king of the savannah? Think again!
Engineer Gaming : Did that hippo just save a deer?
Keondre Green : repent and turn to God
PeekaChi : I cam here to say that was horrible photo shop clickbait and how did 10 million people click it?
spaceCheese : Hyppos are fucked up

A Hippo Battle | Hostile Planet

In Katavi, Tanzania, 800 hippos cram into one waterhole, and an epic fight breaks out.
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A Hippo Battle | Hostile Planet

National Geographic
Taehyungstaco : They just kissin
Ashcandy : Imagine the smell....
Bazel HazelWood : shout out to the people who set up cameras so close to the hippos
Joe Fanik : Is it weird that the mudhole looks very soothing?
Ty Saylor : Bruh hippos are terrifying.

All About Hippos for Kids: Hippopotamus for Children - FreeSchool

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Hippos! They may look silly, but these mammals are the third largest land animal on Earth, and are one of the most dangerous animals in Africa because of their ferocity and aggression. They spend most of their time in the water, usually only emerging at night to graze.

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